Medical studies abroad

Help of the official universities partner agency in beginning studding in Slovakia and Czech
Republic at the branches: General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Veterinary

Welcome at our page.

We are here to help you to choice the best studies and place for you. For sure you have many
questions about admission process and how does it look like. We will try to answer for all your
questions even those that sounds weird.
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Why abroad?

There are many different reasons why people choice to study abroad. For sure the main reason is
difficulty with admission in our own countries but as well there are many people who take this path
because they are looking for adventures and they want to discover new places and meet new people
from all around the world. The last category are people who discovered that the quality of the
faculties abroad are at the higher level as well as services provided to students. I had finished
dentistry program in Slovakia and I can assure you that quality and all the requirements are at high

How good do I have to be to think about studying abroad?

At all the universities the admission process is based on entrance exam that usually takes place at
the faculty. It means that no-one is judging you how good you were in the past. Everyone has equal
chances to write the exam and achieve own spot at the university.

What branches can I study?

Right now we are helping and providing following branches: general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy
and veterinary.

How much does it coast?

From 3.500€ to 5.500€ – it depend on faculty which you will choice and the branch od study.

Can I transfer to another university?

Yes the faculty will not cause you any problems with transfer to another university after 2nd, 3rd or
4th year.

What is our job?

We are official partners and agency of the universities that means that we help the facilities to
obtain new students and we are responsible to advise and go together through the whole admission
proces with our clients/students.

What do we help in?

Admission process
Translation of the documents
We come with you to the entrance exams to help in whatever you will need us
We can organise the entrance exams just for our candidates
We will help you to find the accommodation that fits your requirements
We will help you basically in everything that is connected to studying before entrance exams as
well as when you already will be student.