Most of people would like to study in their own countries but what if our school results too weak? What if in our country we can not get a place to study? What if we would like to study in another country to meet other culture and people from all around the world?
The 5tudy agency allows you to realise your dreams of medical veterinary studies. What are the advantages of such studies?
• Easier recruitment: the entrance exam qualifies us, and the result of the high school exam does not count.
• You will study in English, and that’s great development for our further career if we want to look for a job anywhere in the world.
• There is no problem with the nostrification of a diploma, university in Kosice fulfill all the requirements to be recognised in whole EU.

The admission proces is one thing (during which we will hold your back and help you in everything) but then you have several years of hard job to do to get your diploma but that’s what you are looking for, isn’t it?