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Help of the official universities partner agency of many European medical universities to start
studying at the medical university in Olomouc.




Olomouc is a stately town in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, on the Upper Moravian
Lowlands. It is the capital of the Olomouc region and the Olomouc county. It is the historical capital
of Moravia and is the main city of the Haná ethnographic region.

Olomouc is one of the most important administrative, industrial, commercial and service, academic
(including the Palacky University) and cultural centers in the country. It is also an important road
junction (expressways in the direction of Brno, Ostrava / Bielsko-Biała and Hradec Králové /
Wrocław) and railway (the second railway corridor from Poland to Austria and the third railway
corridor from Slovakia via Ostrava, Prague and Pilsen to Germany).
According to data from 2009, the city’s area is 103.36 km², and its population – 102.225 people.




The Palacky University immediately after the Charles University is the oldest university in the
Czech Republic. It was founded in 1573. The medical direction was opened in 1753 as part of the
philosophical scholarship.

In 1873, the university was closed in 1947 to be re-opened as a separate university under the name
"Univerzita Palackieho". The University offers a six-year program of medicine and from 2010 a 5-year program of dentistry and 25 doctoral programs in both English and Czech. The University strives to develop all medical students in as many areas as possible, however,
oncology, cardiology, toxicology and transplantology are a definite specialty. The university building itself is new and quite futuristic. Some of the professors complain about the lack of a “soul” but quickly cease when talking to them about the equipment of the university which is at the highest level. The refurbished university will offer the future student what they will need during
their studies in Olomouc. 

Ołomuniec, uniwersytet

Entrance exam

The entrance exam consists of questions from chemistry, biology and physics or mathematics (the
last subject is optional). After the written test, an oral exam takes place but it is more conversation
and checking the knowledge of the candidate’s English. The conversation will concern the
personality and motivation of the applicant.
In Olomouc a certificate is required to prove English (at least B2 or IELTS at least 6 or TOEFL at
least 87) If you do not have such a certificate, you can write an English test on the day of the
entrance examination.

In 2021 the entrance examinations will take place on:
10.03.2021 in Olomouc (deadline for documents by 24.02.2021)
14.04.2021 in Olomouc (deadline for documents by 31.03.2021)
12.05.2021 in Olomouc (deadline for documents by 28.04.2021)


In order to sign the candidate for the entrance examination, we must receive the documents at the
Aleja 1000-lecia 65
34-400 Nowy Targ
Filip Rzepecki
Not later than the date entered above.



The documents that university requires:

1) Application form – Link  HERE  (it is difficult to do it alone without any mistakes. Contact us and
we will help you with fulfilling this application form. After submitting the application the candidate
is obligated to pay entrance examination fee through online system)
2) Signed CV in english
3) School leaving certificate and its notary authorised Czech translation by a sworn translator.
4) Two passport size picture
5) Statement in english “Where came from idea to study medicine and what are your future plans
about it?” 


General Medicine: 10.000€ for the entire academic year
Recruitment fee – 690 CZK


We do not charge any additional fees for our work. We are official representatives of the Palacky University.


University diploma

The university diploma is recognized in whole European Union without the need to validate or pass
additional exams.

On our part, you can count on fast and efficient administration related to the recruitment of
candidates for medical studies (we have been providing our services since 2011, over 500
candidates have already used our help), assistance in finding a flat and checking the rental contract,
permanent contact in case of any problems while studying.