Help of the representative of many European universities in admission procedures at the branch of dentistry in Bratislava




Bratislava’s capital city and the largest city of Slovakia in terms of population (432,801 inhabitants)
and area (367.9 km²). It is the only capital in the world that borders with two countries, i.e. in the
south with Hungary, and in the west with Austria.

Bratislava is the seat of the highest state authorities and the country of Bratislava, as well as the
central metropolitan center of the Bratislava-Trnava agglomeration and the Bratislava-Trnava-Nitran agglomeration.

It is also the center of cultural, social, economic and political life. It brings together numerous
institutions of national and international importance and status




The main priority of the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava at the Comenius University in Bratislava
is to educate future doctors who understand their profession as a mission. Therefore, the Faculty of
Medicine in Bratislava is involved not only as a teaching base that provides high-quality
knowledge, but also as an institution shaping the character of their graduates.

In addition, the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava is the basis for research that arises at the
university and contributes to the creation of research relationships between students and lecturers.
This approach helps in the application of theoretical and practical knowledge in everyday medical
practice, which in quality should considerably exceed the national average, and in some cases also
the European one.

Bratysława, uniwersytet

Entrance examination

The entrance exam consists of 200 test questions (100 from biology and 100 from chemistry). The
questions correspond to the level of knowledge of high school exam. Only the questions from the
pool of questions that you can buy from us appear on the exam. Thanks to this, candidates are able to prepare for the exam and write it without problems at 90% -100%. There are 1.500 questions in the pool of questions (750 from biology and 750 from chemistry).

In 2024, the entrance examinations will be held on
20.03.2024 – dentistry (deadline for documents 12.02.2024)
26.06.2024 – dentistry (deadline for documents 13.05.2024)
09.08.2023 – dentistry (deadline for documents 22.07.2024)

Exams will be held on-line

In order to sign the candidate for the entrance examination, we must receive the documents at the address:
Aleja 1000-lecia 65
34-400 Nowy Targ
Filip Rzepecki
Not later than the date entered above.


The documents that university requires before EE:
1) Signed application form – it is difficult to do it alone without any mistakes. Contact
us and we will help you with fulfilling this application form
2) Certificate about vaccination against hepatitis B and its notary authorised Slovak translation by a
sworn translator.
3) Copy of passport / ID card
4) School leaving certificate – and its notary authorised Slovak translation by a sworn translator.
5) Birth certificate and its notary authorised Slovak translation by a sworn translator.
6) Three passport size picture

We can translate the documents for you into Slovak language. If you are interested just click HERE


Dentistry – 12.500€ for the entire academic year

Recruitment fee – 90€. This is the amount that we have to pay for each candidate for the entrance

Pool of questions for the entrance exam – 20€

We do not charge any additional fees for our work. We are official representatives of the Comenius

Examination fee and question pool bank transfer
Alior Bank
IBAN account: PL 90 2490 0005 0000 4001 0019 0788

Aleja 1000-lecia 65
34-400 Nowy Targ
Filip Rzepecki

Transfer description for entrance exam fee:
“name and surname of the candidate – Bratislava exam” (without any additions, annotations, etc.)
Transfer description for question pool fee:
“Your email address – Bratislava questions”

University diploma

The university diploma is recognized in whole European Union without the need to validate or pass additional exams.
On our part, you can count on fast and efficient administration related to the recruitment of
candidates for medical studies (we have been providing our services since 2011, over 500 candidates have already used our help), assistance in finding a flat and checking the rental contract, permanent contact in case of any problems while studying.