A doctor’s degree is identified as a success of a young high school graduate, perceived as one of the most ambitious and difficult university choices. The requirements in the form of a high school-leaving certificate in the expanded subjects: chemistry, biology and in the case of some mathematics universities (for studies in Poland) or a positive entrance exam result for universities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic are a huge barrier.

This is where the mission of the 5tudy agency begins. We know how much you care about these studies, we want to offer emotions that accompany the first time you put on a white apron or stethoscope, and then the next stages of training a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or vet, because that is what you will become.

In medical studies, the most difficult exam is the entrance exam. Taking this first step will probably end in success and receiving the dream title of a doctor.
We encourage you to study English at universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, do not be afraid, we will guide you through the entire recruitment process.
The diploma, which you will obtain, knowledge and knowledge of foreign languages will make you feel like a citizen of the world, and a doctor before whom there are no borders.
The whole world will be yours.
Take this step.

Dawid i Filip