Hradec Kralove

General Medicine

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Hradec Kralove

Hradec Kralove

Hradec Kralove

Hradec Králové is a stately town in the northern part of the Czech Republic, on the East-South
Plate, at the confluence of the rivers Orlice and Elbe. It is the capital of the Hradec Králové region,
the east-Czech country, the Hradec Králové county, and the Roman Catholic diocese of Hradec.

Hradec Králové is one of the two main administrative, industrial, commercial and cultural centers as
well as the main academic center (including the Hradec Králové University) of the East-Bohemia
region, alongside Pardubice. It is also an important road and rail junction on the national scale.
According to data from January 1, 2008, the city’s population is 94 252, while the area – 105.61




The medical school in Hradec Králové was founded in 1945. At the beginning, as a branch of a university in Prague only for the medical faculty, it later became a separate university. 

To date, the university has already educated over 10,000 general practitioners and dentists. The university in Hradec is one of the most modern in the Czech Republic. For some time, a new complex has been built where future doctors will learn and gain their first experience. Currently, there are approximately 1,900 students studying in various fields. Studies run in a six-year program for the medical faculty and a five-year program for dentistry.
After completing your studies, you can start postgraduate studies in both English and Czech.


Hradec Kralove, Uniwersytet

Entrance exam

The entrance examination consists of 25 questions from chemistry 25 from biology and 10 from
physics or mathematics (the last subject is optional). Time for test – 2h 30 min. After the written
test, an oral exam takes place but it is more conversation and checking the knowledge of the
candidate’s English. The conversation will concern the personality and motivation of the applicant.

In 2024 the entrance examinations will take place on:
14.05.2024 in Hradec (deadline for sending documents by 30.04.2024)
Exam will be held on-line

In order to sign the candidate for the entrance examination, we must receive the documents at the
Aleja 1000-lecia 65
34-400 Nowy Targ
Filip Rzepecki
Not later than the date entered above.


The documents that university requires:
1) Signed application form – Link  HERE  (it is difficult to do it alone without any mistakes. Contact
us and we will help you with fulfilling this application form)
2) Copy of passport / ID card
3) School leaving certificate and its notary authorised Czech translation by a sworn translator.



General Medicine – 400,000.- CZK (duration 6 years)
Recruitment fee – 2500 CZK

Examination fee
Bank: CSOB
Bank address: Ulrichovo nám. 734, 500 02 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Account number (IBAN): CZ 6103 0000 0000 0212 6540 30
Recipient: Lekarska Fakulta
Title of the transfer: “Online application number – First name Last name”

We do not charge any additional fees for our work. We are official representatives of the Charles University.

University diploma

The university diploma is recognized in whole European Union without the need to validate or pass additional exams.
On our part, you can count on fast and efficient administration related to the recruitment of
candidates for medical studies (we have been providing our services since 2011, over 500
candidates have already used our help), assistance in finding a flat and checking the rental contract,
permanent contact in case of any problems while studying.