Over the last few years of running this site, many young desperate or adventurous people wrote to us. Analyzing all e-mails we came to the conclusion that maybe the page is not perfect yet and does
not inform about everything that a future student would like to know. Below are the most frequently asked questions along with the answers:

Who am I?

I’m Filip Rzepecki and I am a dentist. I started and finished university in Slovakia and, just like you, I was looking for opportunities to study this carrier abroad because in my country I could not get to any of the interesting universities.

What does it mean to say that you are an official partner?

It only means that if you want to study in abroad, going through all the recruitment procedures will
be much easier thanks to our help. You will not have to be interested in all dates or whether there
will be a place for you on the exam or how to deliver documents to the dean’s office and later how
to obtain the nostrification of the diploma without any additional exams. Form our future students, we do NOT charge any fee !!! Your only recruitment costs are those imposed by universities.

What language does the exam take place in? In what form and in which language are the classesconducted?

For foreign students the compulsory language at the university is English. Both the exam and the classes
are conducted in English.

Can you move to other country after the first, second and third years?

This is a question only to the university where you would like to transfer. Nobody in the Czech
Republic or Slovakia will cause you any problems.

What is the cost of studying?

The cost depends on the university and the direction you are going to, contact us or check the
current costs in the university tab.

Does the diploma have to be nostrified in my country?

It depend on where are you from. Citizens of EU have no problems with diplomas from Czech or
Slovakia. They are recognised without any additional exams. Citizens abroad EU has to check it by
themselves or contact us and we will try to provide reliable answer.

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