Dates of entrances exams


We arrange a student for an individual entrance exam. It is possible to take an entrance examination via the Internet on a special platform or to organize an exam in Poland or at a university in Bratislava. It all depends on the number of applicants and the dates preferred by them. Please
contact us for information.

Veterinary medicine

xx.03.2020 in Kosice
xx.05.2020 in Kosice
xx.06.2020 in Kosice
xx.08.2020 in Kosice

General medicine and Dentistry

xx.04.2020 Olomouc

20.05.2020 Hradec Kralove
xx.05.2020 Olomouc

xx.06.2020 Hradec Kralove
17.06.2020 Kosice cancelled
xx.06.2020 Olomouc
25.06.2020 Bratislava cancelled
26.06.2020 Bratislava cancelled

20.07.2020 Kosice
25.07.2020 Kosice (exam in Krakow)

11.08.2020 Bratislava
12.08.2020 Bratislava
17.08.2020 Kosice
26.08.2020 Kosice (exam in Warsaw)

The cost of the exam:

Košice – 40 €
Bratislava – 80 €
Olomouc – 690 Kč
Hradec Kralove – 640 Kč

Entrance examinations vary depending on the state and the university. Exams in Slovakia are made
only on the basis of a pool of questions that you can buy from us (each university has its own pool
of questions). In the Czech Republic, we go “blind” for the exam. There is no set of questions, only
exemplary tests and recommended literature which you can find in the tab of each university on our
website. By far the most students are admitted in Kosice every year. On the other side is Olomouc
and Hradec Králové where it is harder to get and graduate.

Our university ranking: 

1) Košice
2) Olomouc, Bratislava
3) Hradec Králové

The above list of universities is our subjective assessment. It consists of how hard it is to get and
finish university and at what level is the university in matter of education and equipment.