Help of the representative of many European universities in admission procedures at the branch of dentistry in Kosice




The second biggest city in Slovakia (239 thousands citizens), the third biggest if we look at the area’s size and the biggest city of eastern Slovakia. Kosice is the main city of the Kosice-Presov agglomeration and it is also cultural, educational and touristic center of the region. The city is localised in historical region Abov (20 km from the Hungarian border as well 90 km away from Polish and Ukrainian border).




The Faculty of Medicine at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice teaching of medical students began in September 1948, and since then it has educated over 12 thousand of them for their prospective profession. Since 1992, it enables international students to complete their medical studies in the English language – young people from about fifty countries of the world avail themselves of this opportunity at present. The diplomas awarded to the UPJS MF´s graduates are recognized in all countries of the European Union and in most of the federal states of USA.

The Faculty of Medicine consists of approximately 70 units – institutes, departments, scientific research and experimental workplaces, and special-purpose facilities. Its modern high-rise building is located in close proximity to the L. Pasteur University Hospital, where students take the bulk of their practical training. Its teaching base represents a several medical institutions that allow students a direct contact with patients and employment of modern treatment methods, so teaching represents a unique link theory with practice.

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Entrance examination

Entrance examination is made of 200 multiple choice questions (100 from biology and 100 from chemistry). At the exam you will find only questions that has been taken right from the questions base. You can purchase the questions base (1200 questions) and than prepare yourself according to them for the exam.

Entrance exams schedule
19.06.2024 in Kosice (deadline for documents 05.06.2024)
27.07.2024 in Kraków / Cracow (deadline for documents 15.07.2024)
14.08.2024 in Kosice (deadline for documents 31.07.2024)
31.08.2024 in Warszawa / Warsaw (deadline for documents 19.08.2024)

To sign up each candidate we need to receive the documents on our address
Aleja 1000-lecia 65
34-400 Nowy Targ
Filip Rzepecki
At latest to the date written in bracket next to the date of the entrance exam above.


Before the Entrance exam
Signed AIS application – If you will have any problems with that just text or call us and we will fulfill it for you
Signed attachment to application
Medical confirmation. The date of the examination can’t be older than 3 months according to your examination date.
– Photocopy of your passport or ID.
– A paper with your contact details like name, surname, email address, phone number and the entrance exam date

After entrance exam
– Diploma from high school (original or notary authorised copy + sworn translation into Slovak)
– Birth certificate (original or notary authorised copy + sworn translation into Slovak)
– Passport size picture
– Signed CV in english

We can translate the documents for you into Slovak language. If you are interested just click HERE


Dentistry 11.000 € per year (you can pay it also twice a year than for one semester you’ll pay 5.500€)
Entrance exam fee – 30 €
Pool of questions for the entrance exam – 30 €

Our job is free of charge. We are official representative and partners of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University.

Examination fee and question pool bank transfer
Alior Bank
IBAN account: PL 90 2490 0005 0000 4001 0019 0788

Aleja 1000-lecia 65
34-400 Nowy Targ
Filip Rzepecki

Transfer description for entrance exam fee:
“name and surname of the candidate – Kosice exam” (without any additions, annotations, etc.)
Transfer description for question pool fee:
“Your email address –Kosice questions”

Diploma and title

The title and diploma achieved at the University is recognised and accepted in the whole European Union without any additional exams.

From us you’ll receive quick and professional help and guidance through the admission process, help with accommodation finding and legal advice, help in any problem connected to university and studying during your studies. We deliver our service since 2011 and we have helped over 500 candidates.